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Starter pack 20kg
Starter pack 20kg
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Starter pack 20kg

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Our most popular pack by far! This pack is one eighth of the whole steer. Premium steaks you will have two to three thick juicy cuts of each,  roast beef, schnitzels, premium lean beef mince, 100% beef sausages and some great collagen rich cuts suitable for slow cooking. This amount of beef requires about 28 litres of fridge or freezer space. About half of the beef can be kept in the fridge and will continue to "age" and improve for up to five weeks.


Include Comments
Sausages 4 bags with approx. 8 sausages in each
Mince 4 - 6 packages x 1 kg
Roast Beef 1 roast
Gurello roast 1 roast
Rump 2 -3 steaks
Porterhouse 2 steaks
T-Bone 2 - 3 steaks
BBQ steak 2 -3 steaks
eye fillet 1 steak
Scotch Fillet 2 - 3 steaks
Schnitzel 4 schnitzel
Oyster blade 2 steaks
Gravy beef 1 pack
Casserole beef 1 pack
Osso Bucco 1 pack
Diced beef 1 pack
Beef ribs 1 pack

As beef is vacuum sealed (in Cryovaac) more than half your pack will keep & improve in your FRIDGE for up to 6 weeks, saving you freezer space!

This pack will provide a family of four up to 25 meals (100 serves) 
*This figure will vary depending on individual portion sizes