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Is your meat Organic?

Is your meat Organic?

A question I am often asked "Is your beef & lamb organic?"

The short answer is No it is not certified organic. However it is natural, 100 % hormone free, grass fed beef and lamb. Our home bred animals graze freely on native & improved pastures. No feed antibiotics are used, drenching is minimal as we control internal parasites through rotational grazing. We use organic fertiliser to boost our soil health.

We do not "Feedlot" our cattle or sheep. Our carcasses are not gasses or washed. 

Our main limitation to obtaining on organic status is that we would be restricted when buying in hay in times of drought. The majority of the hay we feed through feed shortages has been cut from our property, however we are not in control of our seasons and we do have to purchase off farm feed at times to get our cattle through these dry periods.  Read more  

Choosing grassfed quality meat

Choosing grassfed quality meat

What choice do we really have when it comes to the meat we eat?

"My name is Lou Mawhinney & I am a fifth generation beef farmer from Victoria. With the support of my husband I now have the privilege to run our family farm “Braelands”, which has been in our family for over 150 years.My husband & I run a small business from our farm called Braelands Beef & Lamb, & we supply greater Melbourne with premium quality, hormone free, grass fed beef & lamb. Upon finishing my Ag Science degree, my love of animals in particular beef cattle and horses, led me to follow my heart and head north for some adventure. In central Queensland I worked for Australia’s largest cattle company where I gained extensive knowledge of the beef industry. I worked on cattle stations and also in a feedlot where 20,000 cattle were intensively fed grains.   Read more  


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