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Cuts, other names and their qualities.

Cuts, other names and their qualities.

Eye fillet also known as Fillet steak or Tenderloin. The most tender of all steaks, mild and subtle in flavor.

Scotch fillet also known as Boneless Rib Eye or Rib Fillet . One of the most popular steaks! full of flavor, juicy and tender.

Rib eye. This is the scotch fillet with the rib left on

Porterhouse Also known as Sirloin or New York Steak. A fine but firm texture, and full of flavor. A delicious steak.

T-bone (The smaller side of the bone is a fillet, the larger a porterhouse) A great Australian BBQ steak, Tender and rich with lots of flavor. 

Rump. Lean and full of flavor, very tasty but don't overcook to avoid toughness.

Round. A lean cat that has not much fat or marbling, so is not as tender as other steaks.

Oyster Blade also know as Flat Iron Steak. Lean with a good strong flavor.


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