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Choosing grassfed quality meat

Choosing grassfed quality meat

What choice do we really have when it comes to the meat we eat?

"My name is Lou Mawhinney & I am a fifth generation beef farmer from Victoria. With the support of my husband I now have the privilege to run our family farm “Braelands”, which has been in our family for over 150 years.My husband & I run a small business from our farm called Braelands Beef & Lamb, & we supply greater Melbourne with premium quality, hormone free, grass fed beef & lamb. Upon finishing my Ag Science degree, my love of animals in particular beef cattle and horses, led me to follow my heart and head north for some adventure. In central Queensland I worked for Australia’s largest cattle company where I gained extensive knowledge of the beef industry. I worked on cattle stations and also in a feedlot where 20,000 cattle were intensively fed grains.  

In 2005 I returned to Victoria and continued to work with cattle, managing a small feedlot, and also as a contractor processing large numbers of cattle, and in 2007 I started in my current & most challenging role: managing the family farm. It was becoming clear to me that I didn't agree with a lot of things in our beef industry. The intensive grain feeding, the massive use of growth hormones  (I know, I used to implant up to 600 a day), the unnecessary stress on the animals with a lot of current management practices…. I didn’t want to eat this beef! Also, I am responsible for the animals under my care. If I was to continue selling our calves at the annual saleas like we had been, I'd lose control of that care. Our cattle could then potentially go for live export, into feedlots, or into a range of practices I wasn't happy with.

To add to this; farming in Australia is very tough at the moment. The average price for beef cattle in 2014 is less than it was in 2004, and only marginally more than 25 ago. In1989 beef averaged 245.8c/ kg (carcass weight) where today beef averages 290c/ kg. A 15%increase in price in 25 years. Unfortunately, our costs of production have increased a lot more than 15%!! This all made me realize that if our family wanted to stay on the land, and if I want to provide the best I could for our livestock we are breeding and raising, we needed to make some changes.  

In the beginning we butchered the odd steer or lamb for our own family. Wheneverwe had friends over they were blown away by the great taste and tenderness. So we tentatively began to sell to a few friends and family, who told their friends and family.  This were the humble beginningings of Braelands Beef & Lamb. I was delighted as this allowed a way to provide the best life for our animals, and a way to keep them in our care from conception to slaughter. Currently we process up to 60 steers per year, and about 100 lambs. We do not produce huge quantities so we focus on the quality. Each steer has to be of premium quality for us to include it into our program. We grow only Hereford & Angus beef, we select for genetic traits for meat quality, marbling as well as temperament. We slaughter at 15 – 24 months of age, and then the carcass hangs for 12 – 14 days for maximum tenderness.

I believe that many people want to be proud of the footprint they leave behind on this earth. As a consumer we are directly responsible for the management and treatment of animals by the choices we make. That said many people do not know how to do it. My quest is to make it simple, convenient and cost effective for our customers to purchase our grass fed beef & lamb. By doing this you, the consumer, can take control of your food supply, and more importantly your health and wellbeing. Our online ordering system is very easy to use, and deliveries are usually within 2 -4 weeks after you plce an order. We deliver directly to your door, payment on delivery, and provide simple instructions on the best way to store & cook our beef & lamb.

We guarantee the quality of our produce and we are so sure you will love it that if you are not happy with your meat pack we will provide you with a full refund.

Some of the benefits of grass fed beef compared to grain fed beef:
  • 3 x more vitamin E
  • 60% more Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Less saturated fat so less calories
  • More favorable Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio
  • More CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) believed to reduce risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and accumulation of body fat.
  • Animal health & welfare:cattle can graze free rather than being in crowded pens with increased risk of health problems including respiratory disease (pneumonia), bloat, grain poisoning, heat stress & salmonellosis.
We are proud to be able to supply premium quality, real grass fed beef & lamb. When you buy from us, you are buying directly from the farmer. You are supporting family farms."


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