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Buy in bulk with a group and SAVE $575

Buy in bulk with a group and SAVE $575

Do you adore a bargain?

Are you well connected with like minded people?

Are you looking to make a bit of extra cash for doing something that probably comes pretty easily to you?

Then this may suit you and your friends.

Get your friends and family together and order a larger pack, you will pay the discounted price and our butcher can still pack it into 20 kg lots. We have quite a few of our customers who have large families, or groups of friends. They often buy a whole steer and split it eight ways. This gives a saving of $50 per order, and a total saving of $400.

Delivery: there are options, we can deliver it all to one address for one delivery fee, or if it easier we can home deliver each discounted pack for the delivery fee of your area. So there is potential to save up to another $175 by all grouping together for one delivery address.

Please contact us if you would like to do this, we can discount right down to two 10kg packs, save $90 when your order a 20kg pack, and then request it to be split two ways!


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