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The deal with Bone Broth.

The deal with Bone Broth.

So, whats the go with everyone raving about bone broth? I myself was intrigued when we started to get quite an influx in our customers requesting bones. Not just your traditional "soup bones," however we started to receive a request for Marrow bones split and chopped. As I said, I was intrigued, so I did some research and found that many of my friends were already part of the bone broth sipping fray. I felt as though I had been really missing out on something, I began to google as well as talking to my friends in the health industry and realised I had better get on the broth wagon! Read more  

Is your meat Organic?

Is your meat Organic?

A question I am often asked "Is your beef & lamb organic?"

The short answer is No it is not certified organic. However it is natural, 100 % hormone free, grass fed beef and lamb. Our home bred animals graze freely on native & improved pastures. No feed antibiotics are used, drenching is minimal as we control internal parasites through rotational grazing. We use organic fertiliser to boost our soil health.

We do not "Feedlot" our cattle or sheep. Our carcasses are not gasses or washed. 

Our main limitation to obtaining on organic status is that we would be restricted when buying in hay in times of drought. The majority of the hay we feed through feed shortages has been cut from our property, however we are not in control of our seasons and we do have to purchase off farm feed at times to get our cattle through these dry periods.  Read more  

Why it is necessary to rest beef after cooking?

Most of you will have heard about "resting beef" once it has been cooked. However I am still surprised to find many people have not yet heard of this concept! It was a concept I didn't know about until I was 24. I used to cook the hell out of each steak, turn it numerous times and then whack it on palate and think "gosh, I'm not a huge fan of steak Read more  

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