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The best hamburgers

The best hamburgers

  • Number of Serves:  4 - 6
  • Cooking Time:  30 minutes
  • Best Cuts:  Braelands Mince


  • 1 kg Braelands mince
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 onions grated
  • 2 carrots grated
  • Fresh chopped herbs, whatever you can get - basil, rosemary, sage whatever!
  • 1 cup breadcrumbs,
  • garlic paste,
  • some plain flour (if you feel it needs it)
  • Some tomato sauce or paste,
  • Worcestershire sauce,
  • a bit of soy,
  • tabasco, whatever sauce you have in the cupboard and you like really.


Now mash them all up, Add extra breadcrubs if too wet and sloppy. Shape into patties, cook with a little oil, drain on paper towell and ENJOY!  

*** Can be made and frozen also. Great with fresh crusty bread and all of your favorite toppings****

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